Tourism, and given their historic mansions

Culture and Tourism Provincial Director Gumushane Basic Yalcin, Gumushane architecture on one of the mansions in the most interesting elements, he said.
Date Gümüşhane mansions of the past to the present the rich cultural accumulation, which bears expression Yalcin,''the hosts of today's formless, shapeless structures are very different. Survived to the present day challenges such as time, architectural style, roof, ladders, building materials and a balcony with the cultural heritage of this most important duty,''he said konaklarımızı move to the next generations. Balyemez, city Özdenoğlu, Hasan Fehmi Atac, Erol Zeki Kadirbeyoğlu hosts, such as black pepper, and more than 50 Mentioning that there Yalcin historic mansion,''Balyemez, Özdenoğlu, Hasan Fehmi Atac mansions, restored and opened to service as Valiliğimizce fidelity. Contribute to the social life of our city, this historic konaklarımız, while at the same time local and foreign tourists, has become an important meeting place. Gumushane hosts provide significant improvements in the province's tourism,''he said. Yalcin, Zeki Kadirbeyoğlu Quarter Sulaymaniyah provinces in the House to the old settlement Gümüşhane Municipality, located in the same neighborhood, and a term used as a mosque and school building was restored in the Special Provincial Administration said the province's tourism kazandırılacağını, said: Attitude of the past,''an elegant and indispensable carrying özenini, of how his own life, old traditions and beliefs formed Gümüşhane mansions, have a special place in the cultural heritage. To this end, the public institutions to be restored historical mansions, our city also has pioneered a new understanding. People in possession of immovable cultural property in accordance with the Regulation on Aid for the Repair of Immovable Cultural Property to have the restoration of houses has started. According to the regulation so far the two host-project implementation assistance directorate, 7 host the project provided assistance. In this regard the protection of ownership of cultural property that contains the necessary application for the real and legal persons are welcome.''

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