Preference of the tourists' boutique spaces "

Goreme Tourism Development Cooperative Chairman Mustafa Durmaz, who visited the region for tourists, instead of the modern hotels or carved into fairy chimneys prefer pensions, he said. That there is a lot of interest in pensions in Cappadocia, fairy chimneys Durmaz, this is comfort in all types of pensions, pensions in the region, serving an average of 18 rooms and 36 beds capacity, this kind of said that.
Or transformed into fairy chimneys''of rock carved roof accommodation facilities in the so-called''star hotels aratmadığına Durmaz that point, especially in the U.S., Japan and Italy, as well as tourists coming from the chimney of Turkish customers showed great interest in said chambers. Durmaz, this type of overnight accommodation centers than EUR prices starting from 50, adding that rises up to 3 thousand euro.

There are rooms such as the Museum

Nearly 200-year-old Greek town of Urgup Nevsehir district Karahandere the old houses converted into a boutique hotel owner Ahmet Küçükyıldız Street, and his own in his hotel, as well as rooms in hotels in the region of each of the other said that almost resembled a museum.

This kind of cheap places, especially Korea, Japan, Latin America, Brazil and Argentina, the tourists who expressed great interest in Küçükyıldız,''especially in the Far Easterners who came here to stay longer, you enter the room after 15 minutes out of the room, other students, surprised their own rooms show. The first rally, the hotel guests,''he said about going through a time like this.

Hotels there are only 27 rooms, but each room is different from the other representing a Küçükyıldız architecture, the many Japanese guests due to arrive in some rooms designed according to Japanese traditions and customs they said.

Must house formerly used in the rooms, food-stores, animal shelters are used as parts, restoration, explained that during the restoration of these lands while preserving Küçükyıldız the last 10 years, both local and foreign guests to visit the region are displaying great interest in such places, instead of star hotels in locations they prefer this kind of expressed.

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