Kadirli Anavarza Castle, at the intersection of the boundaries of the district of Ceyhan and Kozan

Anavarza Castle, Anavarza; Kadirli, at the intersection of Ceyhan and the Kozan district boundaries, are within the boundaries of Kozan. Ceyhan, 35 km. away from the Ceyhan-Kozan on the edge of ruin. Contour is used as a recreation area.
The name of the important centers of the plain of Cilicia, the ancient sources Anavarza'nın Anazarbos, Anazarba, referred to as Aynızarba or Anazarbus. About 70 km from Adana. north-east of the ancient city Dilekkaya village, 8 km from the earth combined with Sunbas Ceyhan river. on a hill north of the island that rises like.

The castle and the city, BC. IX. century, Cilicia was founded by the Assyrians seized or is estimated to have been built on an old settlement. The exact date is known as the ancient city of Anavarza, BC 1 Augustos'un century Emperor (BC 27 - AD 14) Roman Empire bağlamasıyla Anavarza'yı begins. City, during the reign of the Roman Empire was one of the most important centers of the region and major monuments in the city was built in honor of the Emperor.

However, looking with suspicion by historians claim it was established by the Assyrians are also available. According to this view, the Assyrians in Çukurova 50 - 60 years as a colonial territory in a short period of time, and they are the dominant use is a concern, the establishment of an ancient city like Anavarza not seem possible. Therefore, the 700-year periods as long as the Hittites dominated Anatolia, Çukurova, and therefore need to concentrate on.

Anavarza the castle and the city, a melting pot of various cultures and time to affect each other has been an important settlement. In an inscription found near the triumphal arch, two-time earthquake destroyed the city walls, and by whom, who is mentioned to have it repaired in time.

Yaşar Kemal's' İnce Memed Anavarza'da the novel contains a section.

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