Allianoi, "The God of Health Asklepion homeland" is known as

20. cleaned at the beginning of the century in part because of the flood, but then again, until the 1950s, the compartment thermae remains were idle. In 1992, the Regional Directorate of Highways is still available by the Roman Bridge, the decision made without a tender by a new bridge was built with a partially deformed.
In the same year by the Izmir Governorship of Izmir restoration of the baths are given to procurement through the Special Provincial Administration. During a year-long restoration process without a decision of the board of a modern building was deformed in thermae. This business has been given as of the date, a flood of heavy flood in February 1998 and the facility has become unavailable again. Tea in the south were the agricultural land belonging to private persons. This is a large modern building in addition to repairs during 2003 have been removed, and uncover ancient baths places.

Dam Yortanlý body work finished, will provide environmental link road construction work is in progress. If the same project, will be all water under the dam water per day to meet Allianoi. In precipitation patterns and vegetation cover are thought to be associated with approximately 40-60 years in the life of the dam lake in the area during this time accumulated silt. And Allianoi approximately 12 - 15 meters will be below the alluvial deposit.

In the meantime, Trakya University, Assistant Professor of Allianoi sitinde Ahmet Yaraş'ın 1998-1999, the management of the General Directorate of State Hydraulic Works, Philip Morris's contributions in the 2000-2004 period and also the sacrifice of the rescue excavations were carried out under Yortanlý Rescue Association is a volunteer organization. 1998-1999 as a result of excavation, the excavated area after learning that Allianoi, Pergamon Museum Directorate on the application, Izmir I Cultural and Natural Heritage Protection Law No. 9229 of 29.03.2001 and the decision day, Allianoi'yi I. Degree Archaeological Site as declared by the excavation has become a real recovery. Meanwhile, Philip Morris in particular displayed significant efforts to introduce the public to sit.
During excavations in 2000 simply restored the level of farm land in excess of an industry and an architecture that can be seen in passing Pergamon-İvrindi item into the path provided. One of the southern boundary of the field season of 2003 Ilıca stream portion of the existing Roman wall solid, increased (fill to prevent collapse), and the other places in western North Ilica protect flood to the flood wall project was held with the two solid protection. Ilya Brook site has been preserved in part thanks to the flood of these walls. Interestingly, it is thought the project was 100 years ago, Governor Kemal, architect W. German excavation team in charge Dörpfeld'den to ask for help. However, tourism earned Ilica. Today's excavation, which is one of the German Archaeological Institute excavations in Pergamon Excavation sometimes received assistance instruments. A wooden viewing platform has been created. Trails and roads were editing as much as possible of the visual field. Studies were made green. Pergamon Museum, the famous statue of the nymph who became a symbol of the site were a total of 10,000 work reslim. Allianoi placement of the center since 1998, except within the lake area is continuing to research all of the excavation. 2 km during this research. Hellenistic period, on a farm in the northeast of the settlement and the belt belongs to the Pergamon water line was discovered more. Again, stay within the lake area, the 311 number and the necropolis necropolis, a Byzantine chapel plot was uncovered in the studies.

By the prime minister to resolve the impasse between the Allianoi Yortanlý Dam was the creation of a commission. Culture and Tourism Ministry of Cultural Assets and Museums General Directorate of calls collected by the academic commission, came to review and consult Allianoi found on 05-06.07.2005. Completing the ministry presented a report on 18.07.2005. At the conclusion of the Commission, "delegation in place and the Board as a result of the review and assessment process in the file, the so-called Allianoi registered archaeological site, for its contribution to the protection of cultural history is undisputed that, for this purpose, but offered a realistic solution to the protection of the conservation area proposals to the opinion. On the existence of a culture thousands of years of a process through us do not have the right to destroy, as they certainly should not be forgotten that divert our obligations to future generations. For this reason, instead of looking for instant solutions, and integrated permanently protect the area and exhibited for more time before taking action, is a requirement of national and international responsibilities in this matter. " is called.

Allianoi, culture, health and conference tourism has a visual richness to winning. Allianoi although not yet done enough promotion, draw the attention of tourists coming to Bergama. After the necessary legal arrangements, a simple landscape environment initiated in part by the excavation team is complete, a new country and win the ruins of Pergamum.

In the long run, Bergama of tourists, 1 / 10 if i was brought Allianoi course of a normal tourist season, about 600,000 tourists visit the Bergama-Pergamum in the number of tourists will be a dramatic increase in tourism revenue, the district so. Thus, the hot water at 45 ° C with a plant that is protected historical sites and tourism Adatepe'de Congress to win the center will be unique to the county and our country.

Baden Baden Badenweiler in Europe and in many instances, such as spa centers, a few walls preserved only a few meters is sufficient to protect the upper structure Allianoi 9000m2'i over the entire spa is spread over an area. Close to this region in Turkey, Izmir and Balikesir Balcova Ilıcası much more simple, such as health resorts facilities occupancy rate, ongoing throughout the year. And they have contributed much to the country's economy.

Proposed alternative project set in the east and west until the impermeable bedrock layer of concrete to be injected. Curtain wall and method of bracing Allianoi remain under water will be prevented. This spa via a tunnel north of the dam to the pond water will be provided. If this project, if applicable, thermae hill north of the tourist facilities in a purpose by making the congress, culture, health, and with the extraordinary congress for a complex facility can be obtained.

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