Hıdrellez Bridge Festival, will host in a different surprises

Ahırkapı held for 11 years and has become the focus of attention of the whole world, but it does not fit in the area because of the crowds that now Hıdrellez Festival, Bridge Restaurant is implementing this year.

Which must be lived and not necessarily herald the arrival of spring, who brought the tradition of Hıdrellez Bridge Bridge Hıdrellez first Festival to be held May 5, 2012 Saturday night, to accommodate in different surprises.

Limited number of people as Alan tutulacağı 1 Hıdrellez Bridge Festival fever burned, hanged wishes rose tree. Murat Resource Orchestra entertained guests with havaları novel to say, the first lamb of spring will be guests of the festival.


All women who will present the guests at a tambourine Bridge, shot in black and white photographs created in front of the Bridge Sound of Hıdrellez to ensure that guests have nostalgic memories. Bridge Cafe, the festival will take place while walking, guests will be accompanied by colorful candles. Wishes would be hanged on the tree next to roses, one for each guest envelopes, note paper and pen ready in. Book with a limited number of the 1st Hıdrellez Bridge Festival, guests will dance freely in a large area will be in attendance. With the start of the festival, Hıdrellez fire will burn. During the festival, a cameraman and a photographer, to record the arrival of spring.
Celebrated as a harbinger of ALL WORLD SPRING

Hıdrellez belief, common in many societies, the spring holidays, traditions celebrated in other words, nature is waking up again. In addition, Khidr is regarded as a harbinger of spring. One of the seasonal holidays celebrated in the Turkish world Hıdrellez, Ruz-ı Khidr (Moses day) for being named the next, it is the day counted from Khidr and Elijah also celebrated together on earth. It is believed that Khidr, the water of life (ab-ı life) achieved immortality by drinking, especially among people lingering in the spring, distributes plenty and health. Khidr is actually a lot from the name given to a person doğasal status, spring means embodied rejuvenated life. Hıdrellez Turkey Day May 6 (5 May Night) is celebrated in history. Also Hıdrellez, in many parts of the world was considered as the first day of spring and nature is celebrated to awaken.

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