Tourist business and author Sevan Nisanyan, sit rock-cut tomb was built in five months in prison on the grounds

Tourist business and author Sevan Nisanyan, rock-cut tombs built in the grounds sit in the trial, was sentenced to 5 months suspension.
Sirince village of Selçuk district of Izmir, which operates tourist facility Sevan Nisanyan, despite Izmir Special Provincial Administration stamped by the seal of twice breaking the rock tombs built by Emperor Mountain conservation area, on the grounds to intervene'' protected area'' for alleged physical and human Selcuk trial of First Instance Criminal Court treaty.

The court ruled that Nishanyan months' imprisonment on the suspension as a 5.

Sevan said in a statement on the decision Nisanyan, whether built by imitating the rock tomb, sealing the Special Provincial Administration, claiming that there is jurisdiction, the court said they would appeal the decision.

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