Turkey juices, water, under the superb offers for those who wonder

Underwater Sports Federation of Turkey with an approved certificate of authority you are working in dive centers and instructors can be shared in this excitement.

Able to complete basic training, even during holidays. Turkey juices, water, under the superb offers for those who wonder. Here's an experienced diver, determined by the instructor and the famous underwater photographers of the top ten diving spots in Turkey.


1. Deli Mehmet Ayvalik - Balikesir
2. Eyebrow Canyon - ANTALYA
3. Small Reef Bodrum - TURKEY
4. Great Reef in Bodrum - TURKEY
5. Eyebrow Flying Fish - ANTALYA
6. Afkule Fethiye - Mugla
7. Minnoş Rocks - CANAKKALE
8. Eyebrow Besmi - ANTALYA
9. Sivriada - ISTANBUL
10. U20 Wreck - SAKARYA

Red corals are world-renowned
Ayvalik, the islands and a place which attracts divers from diving points. Deli Mehmet diving spot, in the open sea, 200 meters from the Island Girl. There are two hills. The first 70 meters, 19 meters from the start, the second from 29 meters to 70 meters down. This is the busiest and most beautiful region of Turkey, red corals. This feature is known in the world. Sea-worm, eels, antias fish, grouper, octopus, conger eel, fish, ferret, you can see marine life such as bream herd, take a photo.

Explore Cotton batığını
In this region, while cotton from Egypt 60 years ago, the wreck of a ship in a storm and sank, have settled for. The reason this is called the canyon, there are two walls here. Ship to one of these walls end at the stands. Meters to 40 meters from the 30s is on the sunken ship. Dimitri called the ship or the wreck of cotton. The rear side of the ship towards the open sea. The right side of the front wall of the canyon. Very beautiful panorama. For this reason, it's very popular. The first starting point of the canyon, 22 meters deep and has a small cave entrance. Underwater photographers can view the wreck with a wide angle.

Where all the fish of the Aegean
This is the direction of Bodrum is located 200 meters up the Great Reef'in. Hill is 5-6 meters, 7-8 meters in from all four sides perpendicular to the deep. Bodrum Small Reef, a shoal base reaching 28-30 meters deep. Seen in the Great Reef'te grouper, Grouper, dentex, octopus here may also occur, such as underwater fauna all. Bodrum is extremely popular with diving schools, and various fish species, this region contains many of the Aegean.

You may barracudas and turtles
Boat within 20 minutes from Bodrum, this is the top 4 meters with a sand bar. Bodrum, Bodrum and Kos (Kos) as the sides of the stage, the wall in the form of Karaada deep. Reaches a depth of 28-32 meters around the shallows. A kind of shallows and on the outskirts of the ancient pieces of amphoras, which means testing can be seen. During the dive wahoo, grouper, Grouper, dentex, moray eels, octopus and you are accompanied by flocks of sea bream and complicated things. Or you can see turtles and barracuda are lucky.

Riot of colors
Reached after about an hour boat ride from the port of Fethiye bay, snorkeling dalıcılarının as a stopping place for divers. Although it is called Afkule, diving centers, or Turkish bath is also known as Aladdin's Cave.
Fethiye's most popular diving spot. Put the end of the cave entrance Diving begins. 27 meters, starting large entry, with many colors are displayed on the rocks. Undershot the sand at the bottom to reach the required 40 meters. Close to the surface of the second cave entrance is reached by passing through a hole in the large. This cave is called the Turkish Bath.
Groupers encounter herds of clear water is meager.

Italian fighter aircraft
This is directly opposite the Greek island Castellorizo. 6 meters and a reef extending down the hill. Thirty meters grouper and orfozlarıyla famous encounter. 55 m 2 World War II wreck of the three engines have an Italian reconnaissance aircraft. Because they have a lot of fish in one of the popular diving spots. Grida seems like a lot of Mediterranean fish here.

South of the Gulf of Saros, the northern coast of Gallipoli, the region known as the Rocky pigeon maps. Approximately 100 meters away from the point where a small rocky islet to the shore. Waters of the bay is a sea of ​​self-renewing at the same time this is the region most vibrant currents. Also draws attention to a rich variety of live. There is a depth of 3-55 meters down balconies balcony. It is also a region rich in cold-water corals. Up to the sea as some kind of rabbits are located here in Turkey. Grouper, octopus, grouper, moray eels are found in such species.

Fish on the one hand, on the one hand
It is located opposite the Greek island of Meis. Say that a large rock. There are two sides. Extending from the south has reef'i. A very vibrant area, especially in terms of reef'in end portion of the fish. On the north side, between 35 and 40 meters have amphoras. The property here is the chance to make the discovery on one side and one side you can find plenty of Mediterranean living.

Your city is a paradise
Lost the cold clean waters of the Marmara Sea, is not really prefer to dive due to reduced living structure. But particularly in the southeast side of Sivriada'nın '67 Rock ', the region known as the dive profile, popular diving spots in Turkey is one of the structure of non-discharge. Red coral and colorful photo opportunities for underwater photographers offers amphora fragments. Especially those who live in Istanbul and around the region are choosing to make daily dives. However, to remain outside the limits of recreational diving in this region are not allowed to dive after 30-35 meters.

Treasure the past sheds light on
British Sunday Telegraph newspaper in 2008 for the first time the news came up. 2. Hitler during World War II ships to attack the Soviet Union sent down to the Black Sea via the Danube River three submarine sunk off the one end of the war ships in the Black Sea Karasu, 4.1 meters wide, 42.7 meters in length. Today only the first one that produced 20 submarines U20, and sank in shallow water without damaging it is very well preserved because it is a treasure U20'nin is said to be good to shed light on the past. Jury members in the team's Family Ethem sharp plunges here first.habertürk

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