provide visual demonstrations of the pre-migration of the flamingos

Salt Lake, this year hosted flamingoya around 50 thousand. Type the Protection of Nature Conservation Center Program Coordinator and expert Libby Balkız flamingo, flamingos, also known as  
Turkey,''blush''pike, saltwater wetlands as breeding ground for life and has chosen, in this context, the countries bordering the Mediterranean Sea is an important destination for the flamingos said .
Salt Lake, around 50 thousand flamingos
In countries bordering the Mediterranean Sea in Turkey, Gediz Delta is an important incubator for the flamingos and the Salt Lake area indicate that Balkız,''which is very selective in breeding birds, breeding lie in the Gediz Delta and Salt Lake. Gediz Delta colony of dogs by the distribution of breeding flamingos in the Salt Lake this year, only they did,''he said.

According to the result of work done by the Nature Society, flamingos breeding this year, breaking a record, in the countries bordering the Mediterranean Sea formed about the largest ever in the Salt Lake Balkız kindergarten, said:
''This year, 16 thousand flamingos hatched offspring, while the Mediterranean countries, the largest ever recorded popülasyonudur puppies. According to our observations, the number of flamingos that hatched in the Salt Lake, the water varies according to the state. To date, the number of flamingos hatched thousand fell in 2008 due to drought, record rainfall in 2009 and rose to 14 thousand 644'e breeding record was broken.''

50 thousand flamingos migrated to the south

Overwinter and hatch in March of the Flamingos on a regular basis for the Salt Lake emphasized that the Balkız, said:
''Salt Lake and surrounding wetlands fed flamingos, cubs born in Salt Lake, by putting büyütüyorlar here. Constitute the main food source of the brine shrimp salinalar flamingos. Magnifies their young flamingos, are migrated to warmer countries in the south in September and October. If a part of staying in Turkey. From the lake this year about 35 thousand to 16 thousand from the adult world when combined with flamingo flamingo flamingo salt lake to the left if we add a total of 50 thousand emigrated to countries on the Mediterranean coast. Previously flamingos halkalanan Turkey, Greece, Italy, France, Tunisia, Algeria and Mauritania have determined that the migration. Also in the Eastern Mediterranean, Iran and Israel believe that they were going.''

Salt Lake has a charming effect

Balkız, Salt Lake, in the middle of the steppe and white view of the lake near the lake in the past or who have visited over 100 thousands of local and foreign tourists, he said with a charming effect.

In contrast to the high number of visitors to the lake, the lake is almost negligible number of those who expressed flamingos Balkız, said:
''Especially in Cappadocia to Ankara-Adana highway users, and domestic and foreign tourists, Şereflikoçhisar go through Salt Lake shore. Here is a lakeside resort of arrivals, making walking in the lake. This flamingo is 50 thousand people lived in the lake if you say no one wants to believe. Mediterranean basin, where the largest population of flamingos. But tourists can not see them. The reason for this, flamingos, remote sections of the lake due to the pressures of human life and the choice of incubation space. In this way, flamingos can be protected by human activities.''

Balkız, Salt Lake, considered the implementation of projects should be implemented without any damage to the water-balance, otherwise the flamingos and other species will be harmed if large, he added.

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